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What is TDA?

The Defence Archive is the first of its kind, online platform solely dedicated to covering and documenting the work of the Indian Armed Forces. It encompasses several roles in one- it is a textbook that strives to teach us the technical know-how and functioning of military units, it is a biography that brings to life stories of officers that may have missed our eye over time, it is a reportage that seeks to highlight the valiant encounters of the Indian Defence establishment. Most importantly, the Defence Archive is a channel that connects the Indian civilian to the Indian military personnel. It seeks to document the life and ways of the men and women in uniform so the rest of us can peek into their world and familiarize ourselves with it. It strives to be their mouthpiece that prompts knowledge, dialogue and interaction between our world and theirs. It is an autonomous, non-partisan venture that functions with the simple idea- Today’s reading leads to tomorrow’s action.

Why TDA?

At TDA, we believe that the Defence Forces are more than just periodic stops, they can be a destination in themselves. In order to facilitate that engagement, TDA strives to be the channel that bridges the gap. Through this, we wish to begin a dialogue about the Indian Armed Forces in a civilian set-up and we want you to be the driver of the change you wish to bring about. As an open platform, TDA helps our readers to recognise the work of the military, highlight their accomplishments and understand the Indian military environment.


How Can You Join?

The Defence Archive is a platform that welcomes anyone with an interest in the Indian Armed Forces or is willing to explore it further. We have on board a team that works to ensure that each issue of the Archive is more engaging, stimulating and interesting than the last one. But what keeps the TDA machine well-oiled are its contributors and writers.

How Can You Reach Us?

The Defence Archive is a website of its own. You can also reach us at @thedefencearchive on Instagram, TheDefenceArchive on Facebook and @defencearchive on Twitter. If you subscribe to the Archive, we'll come straight to your inbox!

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