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India - Pakistan war


The backdrop of the 1948 Indo-Pak War is of great relevance to the subcontinent even today. Find out what were the events that led to this use of force even as a new dawn set upon these two nations.

After Kashmir acceded to the Indian Union, the presence of Pakistani invaders in the Valley was a great cause for concern. This was the time when the newly assembled Indian Army, with its Indian leadership for the first time, displayed remarkable presence of mind and grit and changed the course of a battle this consequential.

After India’s astounding victory in the Battle of Shalateng, we find out what were Daimler cars, how was the invasion of the rough terrains of Jammu dealt with and who were the local heroes.

As the War intensified on all fronts, read on to know how the Indian Forces reclaimed strategic regions that tilted the battle scales in their favour.

Chapter 5: War on high grounds

Can the Indian forces repulse the enemy at Leh and Dras?

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